Focus On Feet

There are so many different afflictions of the feet that we can only begin to list commonly known ones in our website. For information about common foot conditions, click here.

The foot is a highly specialized extremity.   It has a miraculous design: 28 bones, 115 ligaments, many tendons and muscles.   Feet subtly adapt to irregular ground surfaces, absorb tremendous shock, and provide powerful propulsion for running.  

Our Focus on Feet -
As podiatrists, our education has been laser focused on foot and ankle pathology from the beginning of our training.  A podiatrist obtains a bachelor’s degree, then a doctorate degree, and then completes three or more years of residency.  We enjoy continuing to supplement our knowledge with at least 50 hours per year of additional education

We believe that “you see what you look for and recognize what you know.”

Our office prides itself on utilizing state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment.  We are open-minded regarding new technology and learn advanced surgical techniques